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Electroglide Results for September


The third launch proved even shorter flight times with the longest coming from Brian’s Multiplex Heron at 3 minutes, 18 seconds. Fred scored a 30-point landing, boosting his flight time score of 14 points to a respectable total score of 44 points.


The fourth and final launch yielded flight times in the 5 and 6 minute lengths. Perhaps the sun had finally heated Sea World’s parking lot enough for the thermals to develop. The lift was there to the northwest and we made good use of it. Fred had the longest flight of 6 minutes, 30 seconds, flying his Radian 29 seconds longer then Brian’s big open class Heron. Roger and I both scored 20 point landings, Tom picked a 10-point landing. This was a fun round and enjoyed by all.


Sore Necks

Our Necks Get Sore


First place for the day goes to Roger Ball at 163 points, second place goes to Tom Erickson at 135 points and third place goes to yours truly at 121 points.


Next and final Electroglide for 2016 is set for October 15th, usual start time of 9:30. We will not compete in November and December. The Electroglide for 2017 starts up on the third Saturday in January, the 21st.


All the Electroglide pilots for 2016, please come down for the October Electroglide. We will have a free raffle for you thanks to the Club’s Board of Directors. The raffle will start after the fourth and final landings.


I also want to point out this year’s point score totals, at least those higher totals that may be worth a first, second or third place finish. In adding up the current scores from the collected score sheets we have:


Bob Stinson – 967

Scott Vance – 897

Vince Gonsowski – 738

Roger Ball – 597

Fred Daugherty – 589

Rich Rogers – 503

Jon Graber – 412

Dennis LaBerge – 333


One more contest will decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be awarded. Our Board of Directors has been very gracious in awarding these prizes so come out for the last flights in October and try to place in the top spots. It’s worth it.


Until then,


Jeff Struthers