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March Electroglide Results

By Jeff Struthers


The flight conditions for this month’s Electroglide were not the best but were typical for this time of year. There was a breeze of 5 mph from the North East under a thinning marine layer, temperatures in the low 60’s and only two pilots!

  I suppose the warmth of Lakeside and the swap meet at Weedwackers drew our otherwise stout pilots. But Scott and Fred showed up to add points to the year-end prize totals.

  The times of the first two flights were on the short side, with Scott Vance getting flights of 3:50 and 3:10 minutes. Fred Daugherty picked up the Lucky Dog on his 2:20 and 2:15 minute flights, plus two 10 point landing scores.

 The third launch found some lift coming off the bay to the north.  Scott got a flight of 6:03, a landing in the bull’s eye for an extra 30 points, plus he was the first pilot down. This gave him a max score of 90 points. Can’t get any better than that!  I was flying by that time and got a flight of 6:28 with 10 landing points. Fred had the longest flight of 6:50 with 20 landing points. Close flight times and good landings by all. That was a fun round.

 The fourth and final launch found the lift moving south, closer to our field. Scott had the longest flight of 5:40, Fred had 4:40 and I had the lucky dog at 4:03, plus a 10 point landing bonus.

Scott and Fred tied their scores for first place at 166. I came in second at 123. Granted, there were only three pilots flying, but hey, it’s still second place.

 The next Electroglide is scheduled for April 16th.

See you there,

Jeff Struthers