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Carlos Picking Up Radian

The pic is of the foggiest Electroglide in history……this is after Carlos lost sight and ended up  looking all over the West end…..He hadn’t the foggiest…..but it was found by drone in the middle of the field……  Randy.

Thank You Electrogliders

Thank You Electrogliders

Dear Electrogliders,

When Jim and all of you approached me Sunday morning and presented me with this beautiful plaque and gift certificate, I was at a loss for words!  I stumbled around and muttered something……….. I should have said how proud I am of all of you who fly in the Electroglide; how your performance has been a thing of beauty, how you always come out on a Saturday morning to toss your birds up and do your very best, and especially how you treat one another  —  aiding, mentoring, and being good friends, and in general being there for each other. You are the greatest, and I have a special place for this plaque in my den where it will always be in my view reminding me of all of you and the fun we’ve had together with the San Diego Electroglide. My most profound thanks for your friendship.



Don Award