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2011’s First EMAC Results

Tim Attaway - Chairman for Fun


John Forrester


Dan Napier & Rob Anderson


Jeffrey Kuehn


Ron Scharck


Brian Letteri



Sportsman found Steve Neu returning after some time off and he handily won the class, followed by our score keeper  (VIP) Craig Hunter and Saad Attie cornered the third place position.  Five total competed in Sportsman…..a nice turn-out there too.


Steve Neu


Craig Hunter Keeping Score


Craig Hunter


Saad Atti with Tim Attaway & Mark Bidar


Steve Manganelli



Intermediate found Mike Eberle and Mark Bidar moving up to take on a bit more challenge in difficulty and Mike successfully kept his winning ways with first place.  Bruce Brown was, as usual, excellent  and placed second.  Mark  had not practiced too much but gave it a whirl and did fine in this new class.  Remember he took first place among 15 or so pilots at Prado last year in a full IMAC contest so watch out next time.


Mike Eberle


Mark Bidar


Bruce Brown



In the top class, Tim Attaway squeezed out a win by the barest of margins over Pedro and Steve Dente and Doug Chronkhite did a half of a contest until his wife called to remind him of a doctor’s appointment.  All were very close in the standings and it might have gone any way and it probably will next time.


Tim Attaway


Pedro Brantuas


Steve Dente


Doug Chronkhite



We are always looking for interested, even mildly interested,  people to join the fun;  remember it is just a one day contest, in town, takes about 5 hours and you fly the electric plane of your choice.  We are always ready to answer questions and help you with set up and even coach you to your best performance.  See the results in the pull down menu and plan now to get out there for the next contest on June 18th.  Don’t forget  also, that before that EMAC on the 18th is a real IMAC contest being held at Miramar RC Flyers field right here in town on June 11 and 12th…….come and watch or join the fun.
Tim Attaway, regional director of IMAC and chairman for fun 2011.


Steve & Tim