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EMAC Results & Pics for July 2013


Since, Jeffrey was doing the computer scoring. Tim suggested we do sequence level backwards as Advance 1st and Basic last. Tim Attaway flew his Advance 1st Round nice, tight, and precise without any zeros while preserving a 10cell 5000 pack flying the full two sequences without changing batters!  Dang man!


Jeffrey went up flying Advance better than IMAC at Coachella earlier in March of this year from 268 to 764 avg.


Sportsman class was the heating competitive show of three highly experience pilots from IMAC and F3A’s competing against each other in EMAC comp set! These pilots muscled and demonstrated for their places with clean lines of up lines & down lines with rolls, snaps, and point rolls. This IMAC Sportsman 2013 sequence was refined by our previous World Class Southwestern Region IMAC Director Tim Attaway, himself! It’s more challenging than 2012. Great Show guys!


As Basic Division began, the weather started becoming spookier with higher winds, and light rain. Pilot Diffenbach flew his Slow Stick impressing the judges every maneuver for the 2 sequences. Forester step-up and demonstrate Basic Class better than I have seen in the past EMAC contests. At this point, Basic Pilot Scharck decided the weather was alittle to extreme to be flying his contest round.


The 2nd Round of EMAC was Canceled due the weather.


Next EMAC #3 Contest is scheduled for September 14, 2013 at 10am. Please come, again!