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April’s Poker Fly RECAP

Poker Fly success!!

Hello fellow SEFSD’ers.    I am happy to report that April’s club event,  the Poker Fly,  went off without a problem…. I think for the first time since we started!!!  April’s event was a PERFECT example of how a club member can influence our events with great ideas.   Poker Fly has traditionally been difficult to score,  because as simple as it is to grade Poker Hands,  it gets challenging when there are 40 hands played.  A tip of the hat goes to Bob Anson,  who last year suggested using 3×5 cards instead of the score sheet.   AMAZING.   GENIUS.   PERFECT.    Using the 3×5 cards allowed the contestants to be responsible for holding on to their own “hands”.    At the end,  we only were presented with the hands that were worthy of scoring,  not the plethora of junk hands as was in the past.   Scoring went PERFECTLY,  until at the presentation for awards,  a member shouted out “What about my xxxx hand??” My gut dropped as I thought we had again,  screwed up scoring.    Well,  it worked out that the club member didn’t understand the ranking for his poker hand,  and our scoring WAS PERFECT AFTER ALL!!

Additional thanks goes to George Sullivan,  who played dealer so I could get my flights in,  and Jovi who shared the final scoring duties.    Our event went a bit long as there were LOTS OF CONTESTANTS, and LOTS OF FLYING!  The flights were entertaining,  everyone gave the right amount of courtesy to all pilots to let them get in their 4 flights.  All in all a great “Luck Based” event.   Alex was the “Lucky Dog” with his lowest hand,  and came away with a pair of MG Featherlite servos from Hitec.

Next month,  there is NO LUCK,  its all YOUR SKILLS!   The Medal’s come out next month for the podium finishers. DEAD STICK CHALLENGE.   You get 10 seconds of motor,  glide for time,  land for bonus.  Similar to Electroglide,  but NO GLIDERS (any other aircraft is allowed even MICROS!)  Scoring is where the aircraft stops, not where it touches.

Congrats to the winners,  THANK YOU to all the contestants that played.  Again,  these go away without participants.  I’m looking forward to May, as that is a NEW event for us, be sure to come down and play!

Jim Bonnardel

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