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Dead Stick Challenge

This month’s club event is the:

Not too long ago,  when we were all liquid-fueled RC aviators, a skill that was required, was the mastery of the dead-stick landing. These days, with electric power, hearing someone call “DEAD STICK” is something we simply don’t often hear anymore.  Along with the problem of a nitro engine flame-out going away, so did the needed skill of bringing it back to the field without power.

This event  will test your “emergency return” skills, and reward those who have command of the task.

How it will work:

Rule #1.  DO NOT SACRIFICE YOUR AIRCRAFT.  If during the event, you are not going to make it to the field safely, you can simply power up and come back to try again.  You get 3 attempts.  NOT 3 TRIES.  It MUST BE a “safety for aircraft” abort,  not a “you didn’t do well” abort.

You get 20 seconds of motor on.  Once the motor is off,  the flight timer starts.  Timer ends when model stops moving on the ground.  Points for flight time are accrued. Landing on the runway allows for a time score.  Off field landings are zero.  The position on the runway ONCE MODEL STOPS, can score bonus points.

Scoring will be similar to electroglide where a long glide is helpful and the scoring bonus zones will be larger than the standard electroglide target.

No gliders allowed.

This is a dead stick challenge of a regular airplane not designed to be flown power-off.

If you play Electroglide you will understand because it’s similar. Where the model stops, is where the score is calculated from (unlike spot landing challenge which is where the model touches the runway).   Scoring zones are LARGER than the Electroglide target.

Gliding starts at 10:00am, and like usual,  Meeting, Awards & Lunch afterwards.