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Don’t Spill the Beans Event Report

By Jim Bonnardel
Our first event for the year was met with very grey skies, and chilly weather. Weather was likely a factor in the average turnout of 18 sign-ups and 17 competitors.

At 09:45 the sign up sheet was put out. Our chairman, Jovi, had been wanting to be the first to sign up and had actually gotten ahold of the sign up sheet and was told he could not sign up until 10:00. Jovi knew the reason why you want to sign in early for 2023’s events, and thats because all tiebreakers will be decided by sign up order! Well Jovi got to sharing his 2022 video with AMA District 10 President and friend to SEFSD Greg Stone an forgot to watch his watch! 10:00am ticked by and our Treasurer, Steve Manganelli beat him to the punch with being contestant #1. Jovi realized his mistake and got in at #2.

There are some ‘rules’ we will operate under 2023, and that is the sign up sheet will always be the tiebreaker. Granted our games are pretty hard to have exact ties, but it does happen with Limbo which is our next event in Feb.

Beans started flying right after the pilot briefing, and Steve doing his first bean event EVER, did his first out of the gate, with no one showing their strategy, did a very respectable 1:14 flight but he only had 3 beans. The bar was set with room for improvement!

More entertainment ensued with George Sullivan almost donating his plane to Mission Bay, and carrying a RUNCAM onboard! That video is found at: Thanks to Frank Sutton, Georges near loss was captured for your entertainment! I cant believe how long the beans were there, but you gotta watch!

We had several pilots come home with the full load of 20 beans:

NAME Time Place
Bob Anson 0:22 1st
Brad Bender 0:27 2nd
Bruce Driver 0:31 3rd
Jim Richardson 0:34 4th
Ty T 0:54 5th
Phong Tran 0:57 6th

The rest of the pack with beans came in as follows:

Bob Stinson 18 Beans :25
Alex Sutton 14 Beans :38
Steve Manganelli 3 Beans 1:14
Jim Bonnardel 3 Beans and a CRAZY FAST 16 seconds!

Jim lost his beans when his airplane had a hiccup in the middle of the loop, otherwise it could have been a record breaker!

Kudos to:
Phil Barlow
George Sullivan (Loops & Rolls)
George Harper
Quan Nguyen
& Mark Davis

Those gents did their duty to populate the field with bean sprouts. We thank you putting all of your cargo out in the field and adding to diversifying our vegetation index.
Next month,  is the LIMBO event.  Come down and have a great time flying or just watching!

We were visited by the AMA District X VP, Greg Stone, Saturday and he very much enjoyed watching our “Don’t Spill The Beans!” competition.