Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Events Calendar for 2019

By Ian Mckinlay

Jan 26th.   Bomb Drop 1
Feb 23rd.   Don’t Spill The Beans
Mar 23rd.   Poker Fly
Apr 27th.   Foam Frenzy
May 25th.  Jet Day
Jun 22nd.  Bomb Drop 2
Jul 27th.   Umx Flea Circus
Aug 24th.  Limbo
Sep 28th.  Scale Day
Oct 26th.   Airplane Derby
Nov 23rd.  Warbird Day

The new event “Airplane derby” will be fun for everyone. Participants and audience. Dig out your old ugly planes and come out for the first airplane derby. The object is to try to midair anyone else in the air. It’s a crash up derby, but with planes. Streamers are optional.  Will be harder than most people think.

Since we can’t score this event all participants will get a raffle ticket. Prizes will be the usual gift certs from DHW.