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Indoor Pylon Racing Report

Here are some pics taken by the Editor.  Sorry for the blurry ones.  Need to work on my camera skills.


Indoor Pylon Racers


Bob with his Ember


Ember & Vapor Racers


Ember & Vapor Start


Frank Showing how its Done


The Hunter Becomes the Hunted


Approaching Turn One


Leaving Turn One


Vapor Racing By


Jack Setting up Pylon


Pedro and Otto Rounding Turn two


Otto Hitting Turn Two


Otto with His Bashed Built P-82


Closer Look at Otto's P-82


F4U and Pole Cat


Micro Racer Line-up


Micro Race Start


P-51 & T-28 Rounding Pylon


P-51 Rounding Pylon


Boy Setting Up Pylon


Boy Running for His Life


Boy Reached Relative Safety