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May Club Event Recap: Altitude Quest

We got back into the event groove in May,  with April being rained out.    Our “Altitude Quest” game was easy enough for everyone to play,  and the spinner, as well as the altitude meter worked great for everyone.  It always makes me happy when club members play our games for the first time.  

This month we had Joe Rosevear join in his first club contest with an absolutely awesome CLASSIC Dynaflite Wanderer with a power pod.   This charmer of an airplane took its sweet time to get to altitude,  but the whole time everyone was having flashbacks of their early years with home-built balsa kits, and reliving those early days.  I think more than 12 people raised their hands when I asked, “Who here has had/built/flown a Wanderer?”  The Wanderer was first produced in 1975 by Marks Models.   Joe’s score didn’t put him on the podium,  but he did have a great time joining in on our shenanigans.  

Also joining in on the game, Vlad Robin who also is not a usual monthly game participant,  we are happy to see you joining in! I don’t want to forget mentioning Brian Glensky,  who is pretty new to all of our games, he did better than the average score!    
Congrats to the winners,  THANK YOU to all the participants.  Without you playing these games,   they go away.  Your continual participation in the monthly event,  then the monthly meeting,  is what helps truly keep the camaraderie high and the information flowing.

The Results:

Place      Name                   Score
5th        Mary Riney           +9ft
4th        Scott Vance          +5ft
3rd        George Harper     -3ft
2nd       Bruce Driver         -4ft
1st        Steve Manganelli   BULLSEYE @ 199 ft. !

Also,  thanks to Steve Manganelli who has stepped up to handle the monthly contest certificates for the rest of the year.  All of our volunteers have real lives, and sometimes extra errands are just too hard to get done, or even forgotten. Thanks Steve!

Lastly, please remember to THANK the people who are working hard to keep SEFSD functioning, eventful,  fun, and one of the best AMA sites in the USA.   It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun. It’s often demanding of time,  but our volunteers are always, awesome.  Thanks.
NEXT UP….  For April,  POKER FLY! See you on Saturday 4/28/23 10:00am
Your Event Meister –   Jim