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Meeting and Contest for January 2022

– Jim Bonnardel will return this year as our SEFSD Contest Director. –

Welcome SEFSD club members to
the 2022 Club Event Season!
I’d like to first say that in our efforts to continue with the club monthly events, we will remain socially responsible at all times in regards to COVID, and try to maintain a schedule as advised by local standards or mandates.  With that, we ask that all members, that participate, follow current guidelines in regards to social distancing, mask wearing and any other conditions regarding using our outdoor space safely.  Thanks – Jim Bonnardel
This year we are using typical 3-cell airplanes like a ParkZone Trojan, Extra 300, Piper Cub, Apprentice, or the handful of other typical aircraft with a wingspan approx. 50″. This does not mean you will be turned away if you have something different, it means the games, events & contests we do this year will feature what those airplanes do well.  Large aircraft will not have an advantage and micro aircraft will get their own event. We are targeting smaller, cheaper type aircraft that EVERYONE can afford. There will be a scoring system for a final grand champion, and having the proper airplane type is always helpful.

What are we starting with?  For 2022, we are starting with one of the easiest games we have, the:

Spot Landing Challenge

All you have to do is touch the ground, and believe me, EVERYTHING that leaves the ground, touches it again at some point, so you got that going for you…
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 10:00 am is when the
pilots meeting starts. 
As usual, no cost to participate for club members and
$150 in prizes!  
Be there!!
 Monthly Meeting afterward.