Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Monthly Event – Jet Rally


The Last Flying Concord is an RC – Click the Pic
Everyone will sign up and give some details of their aircraft.  I will close the field at 10am and we will have our “run what you brung” show.  Each participant gets a raffle ticket for each entry.  Then we will do some ‘coordinated’ flights where I put the classes up like: Sport,  Military,  Pusher,  Civilian  etc.  I may narrate during those flights.  Each flight gets a raffle ticket.  Then, we’ll do a “fly for score” where each pilot gets to fly his aircraft (only one if they brought many)  and the “fly for score” gets another raffle ticket.
All raffle prizes are the same value,  and EVERY raffle ticket works.  If you win one,  you can win more.
Rules subject to change prior to the event.