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Rotor Days at the Bay Report


The multicopter events were hosted and run by Jim Bonnardel and Mike Morgan .


Events included an “altitude quest” run by Jim, where the pilot spun a roulette wheel with the resulting number —up to 399 was the target altitude in feet for the pilot to fly to (of course you know we have to stay below 400 feet ). A small recording device normally used in model rockets was used to record the peak altitude and the pilot getting closest to the number they spun won a nice case for their multicopter from GoPro.  Mike Morgan ran a pylon race for the more daring fliers.


Ray Nemovi ran several helicopter events which included “hang time” where the pilot would take the heli up as high as they dared  in 8 seconds then cut the motor power and autorotate down to a landing—the longest duration was the winner. Ray also ran a “drag race” which provided an exciting event for pilots and spectators. The task is pretty much as you would expect—with the helicopters at a standing start they would launch themselves down the length of the runway with the time being measured—and the shortest time being the winner. The big 700 sized helicopters dominated the event.


In addition to the usual  hard core 3D helicopters there were some very nice scale machines. Mike Morgan brought out some new multicopters that are able to do loops and rolls!  


We had support from the following companies who donated products for use as prizes:


Align Helicopters
Castle Creations
GoPro Cases  (Jim Bonnardel)
Multicopter Concepts (Mike Morgan)
Heli Direct
NeuMotors (Steve Neu)
Discount Hobby Warehouse


A few pilots waited for darkness on Saturday night to show off their skills at flying at night using both on board LED lighting systems as well as ground based spotlights. At least a couple multicopters bit the dust while wearing Halloween costumes.


Sunday was wide open flying with no events scheduled. At noon Frank and Mike ran the raffle for those in attendance. There was a great selection of both multicopter and heli stuff up for grabs. Most in attendance won at least one item—some 4 or more!


The fliers that attended had a great time with lots of flying and fun. SEFSD will likely make this a annual event. The event was made successful and enjoyable with help from a number of our local fliers and members. In no particular order the event was made possible by the following people: Frank Gagllardi, Mike Morgan, Jim Bonnardel , Ray Nemovi, and Steve Neu, Ray Fulks and Paul Guidice.