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Spot Landing Challenge Report

We are back! Yes, indeed January’s first club-event of the year was met with enthusiasm and anticipation.  With 25 competitors, it was easy to see that we are all ready to resume our monthly shenanigans.
I wanted to START ’22 with our STOPPING event, and that was met very well.  Everyone who played the game was ready to get started right at 10:00am.   
There seems to be a trait, of people not wanting to be the first competitor, and always waiting to sign up after a few people have.  Well, let me suggest otherwise!  Our first two sign ups, took 2nd and 3rd place, so there ya go… Sign up early!
Points were 5 for bullseye, 4 for the middle ring, and 3 for the outer ring.  Landing anyplace on the runway got you a single point.  There was lots of action, and people were watching the competitors battle it out with some pretty favorable conditions.  I decided to add the “Time” element to solve any ties,  and I’m happy I did, the top 3 all tied in points!
Finishing order:              First Place          Brad Bender with 13 points @1:04
                                    Second Place      Bob Anson with 13 points @1:13
                                    Third Place         George Sullivan 13 points @1:29
                                    Fourth Place       Alex Sutton 12 Points @0:53
                                    Fifth Place          Tom Baker 11 points @ 1:30
It’s always great to see new member joining in on our monthly games, but more so, having our membership participating regularly, is what makes these events fun.  This last event shows that for our events, participating is the main focus, anyone can win.
SPEAKING OF anyone can win…..  Next event is the ever-popular POKER FLY!  You have the same chance of winning as ANYONE ELSE, as long as you make the flights to draw your cards.  As usual, all club events are on the 4th Saturday of the month, sorry for the confusion in the dates!  POKER FLY is Feb 26th, 2022.  I hope to see you there.