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Contest results for F5D team selection

By Bruce Brown


Contest report for the F5D team selection, top three finishers to represent the USA in Takigawa, Japan in July 2018. The contest was held in Liberty,NC Sept.23-24, each competitor may enter three models, all models are equipped with an official supplied watt limiter, FAI rules for F5D govern the models and race organization.Twelve rounds were flown with the best nine counting. The weather was great both days, mid 80s with just a light breeze downwind.
The race is ten laps around three pylons at 180m x 180m x 40m, the score is the time in seconds to finish ten laps, one pylon cut add 10%, two cuts or DNF gives a 200 score. Final totals best nine of twelve heats.


Trey Witte   582.34 3rd
Jim Nikodem  560.67 2nd
Bruce Brown  552.99 1st Fast time 59.19


F5D Team

 Trey, Bruce & Jim