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F5B Day at the Bay Report August ’13

By Steve Neu


We had our regular practice day at Mission Bay on Sunday August 18th. In addition to the usual local group we had two from out of town. Lenny Keer from Colorado and Kris Duggan from San Francisco. Kris flew down for the day to attend the practice—and proved that not flying a F5B plane for nearly 2 years is not a disadvantage as he managed to get a personal best of 49 bases on his last flight. Lenny turned in several high scoring flights including a 50  base set. Jeff had to settle for a 49 base best. I managed to get two 51 base runs which makes me suspect that the sighting devices might have been out of alignment—or our piloting ability just got a whole lot better:)

A good time was had by all–Costco pizza was served for lunch before the start. As usual we welcome anyone who feels the”need for speed” to come down and check out one of the practice sessions. I try to have a suitable “rental” plane for those that want to give it a try.  A special thanks to Steve and Michelle Manganelli for unwavering willingness help make the practice sessions happen.

Below is a picture of Kris flying and Steve Manganelli pressing the buttons.

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