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F5B Team Selection Contest

This coming  weekend is the F5B team selection contest for electric powered gliders. There will be up to 8 rounds flown–4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. The top 3 finishers will be going to Austria next year to represent the USA at the World Championships.Come out and see some of the top pilots fly their planes on the distance course followed by a 10 minute duration. If you haven’t seen one of these planes fly this is a opportunity to see first hand some of the highest power -weight models around. The filed will be open to sport flying until 11am on Saturday—after the 4 rounds are complete it will reopen. On Sunday with the change of time the filed will close at 10am and will reopen when after the contest is concluded. Come early and fly and stick around and watch!   Steve Neu


F5B Pic