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June F5B Day SEFSD

By Steve Neu

We had a good turn out for  the June version of F5B day at Mission Bay. Most of the usuals showed up including Lenny from Colorado and Eric from the L.A area. NeuMotors provided lunch and drinks for everyone. Michelle Manganelli baked cookies which were all gone by the middle of the afternoon. Wayne Walker and Steve and Michelle Manganelli did the duty of starring up into the sky and pressing buttons for those flying the course–many thanks from the fliers!

Elias and Gabriel Matar (father and son) came down from L.A with their fleet of full on F5B planes. Elias turned in a personal best of 34 laps with a Avionik B05–then is 14 year old son did what you would expect any teenager to do and that was best his dad with a 42 leg run with his brand new Avionik B01. Both were happy at the end of the day!

Eric, Lenny and Steve kept pushing the scores higher with typical lap results ranging 42-49 legs. Eric had one flight where he seemed to forget that base B was 150 meters away–he kept turning at 140 meters:) The result was a not so impressive 28 bases–the low score for the day! He tried to make up for that round by turning in a blistering pass that could have resulted in 50 legs—but Eric forgot that he was limited to 10 climbs and the computer gave him a 46 leg result. Steve decided to give Eric some pressure for next time by running 49.9 legs on his last flight. The lap spread among the regulars was close–with most flights being 46+ legs.

The next F5B day at the bay is set for July 21st at our field–bring out your hotlines of similar planes and enjoy the “need for speed”.

Elias flying the course with Eric coaching


                                                                                                        Lenny waiting to fly

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