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Maui Hawaii F5B 2015 Contest


We contacted the local RC club “Maui RC Modelers” got the wheels turning to take care of the necessary details. The club flies off a old WW2 Maine training field that is now shared with race cars and motor cycles. The club members were very helpful in all aspects of making the event happen–including getting city permits and even having breakfast in the early morning for the fliers/helpers and organizers!


It turns out that getting to Maui is now easier than ever—Alaska Airlines flies daily nonstop flights from San Diego! What could be easier. Even hauling models is pretty easy—just get a “Sport Tube” which is normally used to haul show skies around the country—airline people see them all the time and don’t ask many questions! In this case someone taking a ski container to Maui in August did not raise any questions.


The event was run over 3 days in August starting the 28th. Two full rounds were flown each day with daily flight schedule being done by noon—why stop so early you ask? It’s easy–so people could go enjoy the many attractions to be found on Maui.


Several Club members from SEFSD including Steve and Michelle Manganelli and Wayne Walker made the trip to run the event. Steve was the CD and Michelle spent hours out in the hot sun pressing the button at the base “B” turn. Wayne helped keep the timing equipment setup going back in the pit area.


This year the Japanese team came very well prepared—in practice flights on Thursday before the start of the contest they put the fear of god into us when they posted a 54 lap distance run while we were getting 48 laps! The weather that day was perfect–thermals and very light winds—-but things would start to change. A hurricane was making i’t run near Hawaii and as the contest progressed the winds did change(much stronger)—-and as it turns out towards our favor.The Japanese planes were very light which was ideal for the light wind conditions—our planes on the other hand were fitted with much heavier motors. As the conditions became tougher the favor moved to the heavier models.


In the end the US took 1st and 3rd places with Japan in second place. The RC groups web site has a thread with more pictures and scores:


After the contest most people played tourist and just enjoyed Maui.