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T28 Racing Report for June 2024

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By Steve Neu

We had a near record turnout for our June T28 races with 13 pilots signing up to race! With such a large group  many of the preliminary heats had groups of 4 pilots which resulted in some close racing.

With such a large group we tried to work out way to accommodate everyone in the finals which resulted in 5 pilots in the gold race.

Our T28 races are “spec” races which means the planes must be completely stock with all the plastic bits that come with the plane present when you place the plane on the runway. So please review what is and is not allowed —the planes and motors must be the ones that came with the planes. You can change out the controller and use a APC 7x6E prop—see me for the prop adapter bits if you want to change to the APC prop. No modifications to the airframe are allowed. The compete rules can be found here:

The results:


1) SteveM
2) Artie
3) Larry


1) Max
2) Brad
3) George


1) Corey
2) Jeff
3) Glen
4) Fredrick
5) SteveN

Many thanks to all the people who helped as turn judges and callers and a special thanks to Jim for being the one to crack the whip to have racing done as efficiently as possible. Our next race will be July 13th!  As usual if you need a racing number assigned let me know by email ( Your racing numbers should be easily readable on both the top and bottom of the wing.