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A Quick Thank You

Jim – I wanted to drop you a quick note after spending some time with you and the other folks this morning.


I just joined the club at the beginning of the year and have been trying to get out as often as I can, I have been out most weekends since joining and a few times during the week.  I happened to meet Dennis on one of my first visits and he was immediately welcoming and has been helping me find my way into the hobby.  Everyone I have met has been just as welcoming and helpful, including you of course!


It has been great to find a group of people who are not only enthusiastic about their hobby, but more importantly willing to share that enthusiasm & interest and the lessons they have learned with someone coming late to the party.  You mentioned you have been flying RC for 40 years and Dennis probably has a few more years than that.  I don’t want to appear to be a dilettante, rushing out to buy the fanciest toys just because I can, but I have learned that sometimes it’s better to start with the best and develop your skills in using it rather than struggle with lesser quality until you think you’re good enough to get something better.  I appreciate that no one I have met has seemed to be put off by this.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you, as president, know that I am enjoying everything about the club and everyone I have met.  While it is mostly the members I have been spending time with, it is the officers who set the tone.  That said, the tone you are setting is first rate and the members are embracing it without exception.


– Joel –