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A Tale of A Downed Plane, A Drone & A Spider

Recently I accompanied Frank G. out to our field to watch him re-maiden his 20+ y.o. Goldberg Extra 300 that he had just converted to electric.  It took off great but he lost contact with it half way around the first lap.  We saw it go down somewhere off to the East.  Frank & I thought it was a good idea to tromp through the dried weeds and brush to look for it.  We never found the huge blue and orange plane but I did run across this giant man-eating spider that I swear was about the size of a Volkswagen.



I quickly ran the away screaming.  On the way home, from what some might call an unsuccessful flight, we contacted Randy of Aerial Traffic and arranged for him to canvas the area with his drone.  The plane was found the next day sitting quietly waiting to be picked up.  Happy ending?  Not so much.  When Frank got home he chopped it up and threw it in the trash.  -Steve B.