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AMA Administers TRUST

The following is from the AMA:
Dear valued AMA member,
When the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 was signed into law, it included a requirement for recreational UAS users to pass a knowledge and safety test. The Recreational UAS Safety Test, or TRUST, has the goal of increasing awareness of safety and best practices in the most complex airspace system in the world. AMA has worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring that TRUST meets the intent of Congress without placing an undue burden on our hobby community. AMA has been there to help make decisions regarding guidelines, administration, and questions included on the test.
Since 1936, the AMA has been dedicated to the hobby of model aviation, educational programming, and safety in the airspace. As such, the FAA selected AMA as a test administrator for TRUST.
What can you expect from TRUST? First, AMA is offering it for free for all recreational fliers. But don’t worry, it is more like a brief training session than a test, because you can’t fail! There is some information to read that deals with flying safely and legally, along with 23 multiple-choice questions. If you select an incorrect answer, you’ll be guided to the correct response until you get it right. After you finish, you’ll receive a TRUST completion certificate that you should print, save electronically, or take a photo of with your phone. This certificate is proof that you passed, and you will only have one opportunity to save it. To protect your privacy, the FAA dictates that taking the test is anonymous and no record is kept by anyone other than you, so losing your certificate means you need to retake the test.
More information about TRUST can be found at, including frequently asked questions. We’re here to ensure that you can quickly pass the test and potentially learn something new as a recreational pilot. We even have a quick tutorial you can look through to get an idea of what you’ll need to know. It will allow you to get through TRUST quickly and easily, allowing you to prove that you are a safe and knowledgeable pilot. Learn more at MODELAIRCRAFT.ORG/TRUST.