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Callie Graphics

The second example is Hobby King’s new DC-3, a real classic airplane.  Online I found a circa 1960 Pan American Airlines color scheme.  Once again Callie had files for most of the markings, so resizing them was straightforward.  However, this project had one complication, the windows inside the stripe on the fuselage side.  However, she is so well known globally that HobbyKing sent her a sample plane for measurements.  This is the result:


Callie 2


The third subject was a scale MD500E helicopter, built on a Blade 450X helicopter.  Based on a picture and some measurements, she supplied the lettering and badge icon.


Callie 3


Callie maintains a website that contains much more detail than I’ve presented here.  For one, she displays forty different schemes for P-47’s. Be aware that even this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I’ve shown samples of her work here that display scale aircraft markings,  She can also supply abstract or graphic patterns.  In addition to printed products, she has many solid colors of vinyl for bright, eye-catching schemes. She is ready to work with customers to mix & match, resize or develop custom work for your needs.   


Be sure to visit her website if this interests you, at  I corresponded with her via email, and always received prompt replies.