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Carl Cox Flying VR RC Flight Simulator for the First Time!!

By Steven Scott

Carl and I got together and I wanted him to have an opportunity to fly a flight simulator. He was excited to fly Virtual Reality because it is like being at the field and that he can fly with his radio while flying airplanes he would never have a chance to fly for real. 

It was fun watching him experience flying in VR    

because he couldn’t believe that he could see a 360 degree view of the flying field. His head was on a swivel. His favorite plane was the giant scale F4U Corsair. One funny thing Carl would do is call “landing” in loud voice. He was so immersed in the VR experience that he forgot he wasn’t at the field. He was flying with noise canceling headphones, so he can be forgiven!! Carl seemed to have a great time and is always welcome. 

My other project is “Project RC Pilot”. It is a way for me to do some good.  The mission of Project RC Pilot is to take kids from living conditions most people do not experience. Things like domestic violence, drugs and gangs. I am partnering with Horizon Hobbies and “The Good Niegbor Project “ as way to take groups of kids out for life expectancies they would not have a chance to do. I provide rc flight training and building opportunities while The Good Nieghbor Project takes these kids out fishing, horseback riding, hiking ETC….

I have a new Facebook page with a bunch of photos.