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Changes in the Field Rules

7. Flight area boundaries:

A. Flying will be north of the north edge of the runway except for soaring flight in the south east and south west soaring areas and helicopter hovering in the designated area.

B. The West Limit is the tree line east of the sidewalk.

C. The North Limit is the palm trees and sidewalk, unless above 150ft in altitude. Do not fly over the area of the blue patio cover near the sidewalk.

D. The eastern limit is 100 feet west of Sea World Drive E. The southern limit 100 feet north of Sea World Drive with the following additions:

1. Models south east of the pit area must be above 150 feet

2. There will be no flying over the pit and parking areas.

F. All low flying shall be done north of the runway except for take off, landing, and touch and go operations.


12. All airborne model aircraft must immediately descend to 100 ft 50 ft or less if any manned aircraft enter or approach the flying area.



The map below was added.

Rules Map