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CVMRCC Field Cleanup Update

From Tom’s emails on the 21st:

“CVMRCC members & Board,

 Well, the biggest part of the cleanup is done! Sorry I didn’t get this out last night. After a long day out there, I just wanted to get a shower after I got home then send this email, but after the shower I just plain forgot and went to bed.

 So the good news, again, is everything (Well the thick stuff) is cleaned up, end to end. And our bobcat driver, Rockie, did an incredible job not only clearing the runways and pits, but also knocking down the piles of silt and tall weeds around the perimeter of the field.

 We still have some sweeping to do particularly at the far east and west end of the runway, and some in the pits. Robert & I are going to be out there soon today for some of that, though my time is very limited today, and we still also have to fill the bobcat fuel tank back up, too.

 But there’s bad news too. Of course being repeatedly flooded and covered with muddy silt for months is hard on the runway. As careful as we were, the bobcat, and even shoveling and using the blowers on the runway have very easily done damage. From simply peeling off old layers of slurry, to some major pot holes. Repairing the worst parts will be a priority in the near future.

 Thanks to those that showed up to help, including two guys from the Chollas club who came to help! Also a big thanks to John Weaver from Discount Hobbies and Max Younan who’s donations payed for the Bobcat rental.

 So while there might be some sweeping going on today (It would be appreciated if you can help in between flights if you come out today), and unfortunately there’ll be some potholes in the runway to avoid, we can finally get out there and fly!

We’re mostly back to normal now. It’s just tough for the turbine guys now, as the east and west ends of the runway took the biggest beating from the weather. We’re already trying to figure out how to patch the holes.