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CVMRCC Field Condition Status

The following is from an email sent by Tom Svircev (CVMRCC President) on 8/21.

“CVMRCC members & Board,

 Well, unfortunately the field has flooded again. Kaile sent a photo at 1:30 where the water was just to the edge of the runway, then Robert checked at 6 and it was a lake again. In Robert’s photo, you can just see a couple of inches of the pilots fence above water. Walter texted me a half hour later and the water was over the fence.
 So again we wait for it to dry up and the cleanup begins again. The only good thing here is unlike last time, it will have been just a one-time event, where last time we had months of repeated flooding. So I hope it won’t be much to clean. I think these are both unprecedented.
 Thanks to the guys who prepped things, and for the condition reports & photos. Now we wait for things to dry up again.

Tom Svircev”

Update:  The water had receded somewhat by 8/24.

As before, the CVMRCC members are always welcome at SEFSD.