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Finally – We Have the Old Articles Back on the Website

As some of you remember our website was hacked in the Fall of 2017.  Since then we created this new and better website.  Unfortunately, adding the old content onto this website was much more difficult than anyone expected.  It took until now and required the help of several wonderful members to make it happen.  I want to thank Raphi Houri, Quan Nguyen and Stephane Gervais because without them it would never have happened.

I suppose most of the members could care less about a bunch of old website articles but it means a great deal to me.  I, with the help of others, created the previous website which started in 2011.  A lot of content was created and stored there.  The most important parts of that content had to do with club history.  When that website got hacked in 2017 I was fearful that content may never be reclaimed.  Most of it is now available to read.

Through the twists and turns of getting the content from the old website to this new one, some of the articles lost their images, some retained their images but lost some or all of their text.  Still, I am very happy to have what we have.

If you like, you can peruse the old files in the article categories:

President’s Corner
Meeting minutes
Builds & Reviews

General Interest
F5B & F5D Pilots & Planes
Electroglide Contest Results