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Find the Correct Center of Gravity for Your Plane

I have started a new section on our website aimed at helping flyers learn a little more about their planes’ performance.  The first section to be completed is the Center of Gravity (CG) calculator.  

We all know that sometimes model manufacturers do not get the CG location correct for your model.  For example: My 59″ Kyosho Hawker Hurricane ARF had the CG location placed about 5/8″ too far aft, making it nearly impossible to fly.  After a simple calculation, the correct CG was determined and the plane flies like a dream.

The CG calculator below very accurately determines the optimum location for your CG.  It takes into account both the wing and horizontal stabilizer.  It also gives you a lot more information about your plane.  Below is a picture of the real calculator.  Click on it to go to our new web page.