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Getting Indoor Exercise?


Mike E. with Flaming Fleet

Michael N. regularly shows up to strength-test his latest airplane designs, some of which are no larger than the palm of your hand! He has to be careful with any alterations, because a piece of Scotch Tape could throw the whole CG out of limits.

Mike & Spit

Steve D. invited an interested neighbor to attend a flying session, and Steve B. captured a fun photo of our guest Ed flying “Air Transmitter” while Steve D.  hovered a foamie.

Steve & Ed

And speaking of hovering, have you seen the nice Gernot Yak that Tim hangs by the prop when he stops by for a night session?

Tim's Hover

Frank made a splash with his Red Baron era biplane last week, and you probably know that he has big plans for some indoor pylon racing events Wednesday night, August 24. There will be a class for the “Vapor” type micros, and another class for the mini Park Zone type of Cub, Trojan, Champ, etc.

Frank 'n Bipe

I’ve seen some of the regulars tuning up for that event…. like Robert with his yellow Champ, and Steven S. who shows up with a whole quiver of various flying machines from heli to multi-engine.

Steve S. with Quiver

Neil & Steve

Taking the 3D flying to a very high level is veteran flyer Todd, who scratch builds his own designs out of ultra lite 3 mil depron.  What really impresses me is that he can fly those advanced routines (within inches of various hard surfaces) and then leave the gym at 9:00 PM with the airplane still intact!  Please see Todd’s videos here:

Todd & Hover

Serious modelers will appreciate the work of art that Jack brings with him to the Miramar sessions.  You probably saw the photo, featured on the last e-blast. I always land when he launches because I’d need therapy if I damaged his craft with a “senior moment” of dumb-thumbed foam.

Jack & Demoiselle

At least three of the little indoor helicopters were beating the air last Tuesday. The popular model for beginners seems to be the Blade mSR. 

Steve with Heli

Father & Son Fun

If you already have a transmitter that can handle a Spectrum receiver, you too can be ready to fly at our next session (Wed, August 10) for only $93. I know this because I just ordered one, heh heh. Don’t mention it to my wife…

“Mid-Air” Mike Eberle, flight blogger