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The goal is to create a CAP/AMA education web based model aviation program for all to access, and to link AMA affiliation with CAP units. The AMA TAG Program is a part of this. I have organized and run several TAG events with my CAP units in CO and CA.  The Model Airplane and Remote Control (MARC) program will encompass all aspects of building and flying model aircraft (not just RC).  The MARC program is going to be reviewed in the upcoming weeks and within 8 weeks be on both AMA and CAPs websites in one form or another. The goal is to get one of AMAs 2500 or so charter clubs to link up with one of CAPs 1600 units. These combinations become TAG-Teams, formed to work together for a common goal. Our goal is to promote model aviation to all CAP cadets and other youth in communities.

Please let me know how all this sounds to you sir. I am working on this project nationally in all 50 states, and have TAG-Teams in several states working presently. If you are interested, you will become one of several test-units across AMA/CAP that I am working with to literally test out ideas and theories. The Model Aircraft and Remote Control (MARC) Program will be unveiled to AMA/CAP in the months ahead.

I have a CAP unit in your area that has expressed a desire to work with you. The Oceanside unit is commanded by LtCol David Boehm, and has an Aerospace Education officer and an AMA member Allen French .  They expressed to me a desire to have a working TAG-Team relationship with an AMA Chartered Club. We would therefore like to work with your club in this endeavor to promote model aviation in both groups. Please think about how this fits into your plans, and how you would like to proceed. My job is to facilitate bringing CAP and AMA groups together, in a best fit, and mutual advantageous manner.  I represent National HQ CAP/Aerospace Education and have the highest approval to work on this project. What I will ask is for your comments in due time as to what works and what does not. I cannot “tweak” the program if we all do not input the needed comments. I am not political and have only one purpose in CAP, and that is AE for cadets.

I would be happy to meet with, speak or present the CAP/AMA Model Aircraft and Radio Control (MARC) program to your club at any time.  Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions. I would like a yes or no on this matter at your earliest convenience.

In the Sprit of Flight and CAP

Randall Carlson, LtCol, USAF (Ret), CAP
HQ CAP/AE Leadership Team Leader
Curriculum & Special Projects