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In Closing. . .

Hello Fellow Members,   

2019 marks a new point in my membership as I am no longer carrying a position with the Board of Directors for the first time in 10 years. I have accepted the position of District 10 AVP for the AMA and will be giving them my attention.  During those 10 years I was a Member at large, Vice Pres., and President, each numerous times.  I met strong opposition when I was elected President, and met that as a challenge to excellence.  During my tenure I proudly watched our membership grow  more than 2X to near 400 each year and become the 4th largest club in the AMA.  We got signage up, a real fence, real tables, the Rotorplex was built, runway maintenance schedules and more. We streamlined  and modernized the membership process and club badge. We created relationships with the City, the Parks Department and members of the City Council. Those relationships solidified our permanence as a city supported facility. We brought your membership dollar right back to you in the form of monthly contests and BBQ’s, and having the club meeting on the weekends, at the field.  We had great years where our holiday banquet was zero cost.  We kept our traditions like Electroglide alive and brought new ones on board.  We have remained the host to our local educational programs, and brought in support from companies that utilize our field. We were host to the largest drone event to date, and the AMA uses our facility for their UAS4STEM program. This did not happen all by itself. We worked together. I say “We” because the Board of Directors is just that, a board of many. It took patience, understanding, and flexibility to be successful on our board (especially under me!!).  I want to thank the officers that served with me, as it was, and always will be, a group effort. I want to wish the new directors the best of success and assure them my support, and I want to let the membership know I’m still going to be there running PopWing Racing, or some other event, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily.
In closing, I want to say thank you to every member.  Our little strip of clay, our camaraderie, and our love for the sport mean everything to me. Thank you for supporting SEFSD. 

Warmest Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and bright 2019,
Jim Bonnardel