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Indoor flying at Alliant

SEFSD had their first indoor fly at Alliant Gym on June 15th.  All who attended realized an outstanding indoor venue.  Even with 24+ pilots, there was enough room for everyone.  Eventually folks just scattered themselves out along the periphery and had nearly uninterrupted flying.  Alliant is nothing like Miramar, there is almost too much room.  Mike morgan and his crew floated his big foamies around with no interference to anyone.  The folks with the small slow planes could find an edge or corner and never come near anyone else.  Don Rice ripped around with a wing more suited to outdoor but still had enough room.  Tim Attaway hovered and danced with his foamie off in a corner.  Jim Bonnardel was all lit up with his quad-copter.  I sent my Blade 120SR spinning and careening around the center of the floor with reckless abandon.  Thank you in a big way to Tony and Amy for giving us this opportunity to fly in their gym!!

Alliant INdoor

See more great pics from Jim Shelton.

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