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Larry’s Motorhome Trip to Utah

Here is a couple of pictures from my motorhome trip last month! 
I got a real lesson density altitude, even if it was only 4200 ASL, a parking lot at The Great Salt Lake RV Park in beautiful Utah. 
My first take off roll seemed like it was going fast enough but just after lift off, the wing dropped and full power was the only thing that saved me!  
The air here is thin and though the Cub has a large wing, the airplane just did not want to fly like it does at sea level.
Take off and landing speeds were noticeably higher too. Even at cruise power the airplane was going faster than I normally fly it!
Fortunately I had a huge empty parking lot and I used it all!  
This thin air flying was a fun experience, but I prefer our 10 ASL…  There’s no place like home!