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Let’s Help Out Our Local Hobby Shops During This Difficult Time

Franks Gagliardi sent this letter out to a few folks.  He certainly captured to sentiments of many others.  Here is Frank’s letter followed by a couple responses.  Please see here for a list of the Local Hobby Shops.


I was thinking about John Weaver today and wondering how Discount Hobbies was coping with the current crisis, so I called him and could tell by the tone of his voice that he is concerned for the health of his employees and his business and rightfully so. We as modelers have an advantage over those who are coping with home-bound restrictions. We can dream, read, build and converse with fellow modelers. We can also help our local supplier and friend by patronizing his business when possible and not taking the “easy way out” and shopping on line to strangers that we don’t really know and who may or may not be there when we need help or advise. So, let your heart be your guide during these difficult times and remember who we depend on to keep us happy!

Semper Fidelis

Frank Gagliardi”


David wrote:

“Great email Frank!

I was over there on Monday and bought 3 BNF Eflite planes.   Air Tractor, P-39 and the Extra 300.  With plenty of time on my hands Ethan and I have already had a few flights with each!  

To the rest of you, get out there and pick one up!”


Eric wrote:

“Thanks Frank I picked up a little toy myself there. absolute best cure for COVID-19 in my front yard”