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Letter to the New Members

Hello SEFSD New Flyers,

My name is Larry Kosta and if you are interested in learning to fly model airplanes, please contact me at my email address:  I am listed on our website as the primary flight instructor.

Once you enroll with the AMA, you will then be eligible to join our local club, Now that you have established your membership in both organizations, we can get to the fun stuff, flying!

I have a Buddy Box system, that consists of two transmitters (Instructor & Student) tied together. You can take full control of the plane on the student transmitter, but you do not have to worry about crashing because I will take over on the instructor transmitter if you get in trouble.

Initial training starts with our club safety rules and an explanation of where the flying boundaries are and what is expected of you to fly safely at our club.

If possible, invest in a flying simulator for your computer for under $200, and practice a few hours there. Buy the simulator here at Discount Hobby on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

You’ll be surprised how easy the transition is from your simulator to your actual trainer airplane!!! 

Keep your wings level and we’ll see you at the field!!!