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Lindberg Warning – New Sign on the Sign

By Steve Manganelli

You may have noticed the message below on an added decal on our main field rules sign and wondered “why is that?”. The answer is compliance with our agreement with the Lindberg Field Control tower to allow our continued operations at SEFSD/Mission Bay Park Field! In that agreement (aside from fly below 200 ft), we are required to inform the Tower if a model is flying toward Lindberg in such a manner so as to effect manned aircraft operations. Realistically, stable escapes from our field are so remote as to be virtually irrelevant; most of our crashes as we well know are on the field in plain view and if departing the field, still in plain view and not effecting manned aircraft operations in any way. However, in the extremely unlikely event of a fly away that is heading for Lindberg field flying stably, any useful notification would have happen literally within a minute, thus typically “notifying a BOD member” would be pointless and your BOD has taken the step of providing you the direct contact phone number to the Control Tower with the associated admonition about when to use it. I wouldn’t say put that number in your phone on speed dial, just be aware and know that the emergency instructions are on the sign in large font!


In Case of Stable Fly-Away Toward Lindberg

Warn Control Tower at (619) XXX-XXXX (Actual Sign shows the number)