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Long Distance Batteries:

Twin engine aircraft are generally capable of longer range flights than singles. As it is in the real world, so it is for radio control aircraft! Jovi is in the process of building a spectacular DC-3, or C-47, depending on his choice of the final exterior. It brought to mind some adventures I had with one of mine, a Hobby King DC-3 that is sadly no longer active. It threw a prop at about 25′ AGL. Before that unfortunate incident however, it showed it’s long legs:

Here it is leaving New York on a round the world flight.

Heading South first, it recharged its batteries in Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia.

It then turned West, climbed the Andes and eventually arrived at Sydney, Australia.

Continuing West, it stopped in Cairo to top off the battery pack, flying by the pyramids for a look.

The longest leg was across the Pacific, reaching America and finally flying over the Grand Canyon.

I do have to be honest, there were a few more recharging stops.
Bob Stinson