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Meeting Minutes from August & September 2020

By Steve Manganeli

Minutes, SEFSD BOD Meeting, August 12th, 2020

Meeting called to order by COB Brad Bender @ 6:52 P.M., home of Steve Neu

Present : Brad Bender, Steve Manganelli, Steve Neu, Quan Nguyen

Via Zoom : Jeff Struthers, Ken Dresser, Eric Shapiro

Not Present : Carl Cox, Tony Blackhurst

  1. No minutes were created after our last meeting held February 11, 2020 although I and Brad had written notes from it. Manganelli agreed to take minutes for this meeting.
  2. Membership stands at 286 and our net worth is ~ $33,000. No club events and no prizes has saved us money!
  3. Field Improvement. Application of “Dust Down” via 3000 gallon water truck was approved and will be implemented after loose sand has been swept away. This was discussed in February to be accomplished in March prior to the last rain, but overcome by (Covid) events. A treatment performed in the next few weeks should last us until the rains come. Sufficient Dust Down should be in hand by next week, the sand sweep will be announced via broadcast for August 22nd at 8:30 A.M. and the water truck rental/application shortly thereafter.
  4. Altitude Limit/FAA. Brad reported that the AMA has intervened with some clubs to raise their altitude limit to 400 ft. However our limit was imparted by an FAA regional office in the Los Angeles area and we don’t have any direct contacts with them. For the foreseeable future we must abide by the 200 ft limit and have our FAA registration current and displayed on our models.
  5. Holiday Party. Our contacts at the Harbor House Restaurant informed us that they will be closed for inside/close dining until at least November so no party may be scheduled. However once opened, we could be scheduled in with only 30 days lead time, so don’t give up yet!
  6. First Post Covid Club Event : T-28 Racing! Steve Neu announced that Racing with social distancing will commence on August 22nd. We should plan on wearing masks when we are in close proximity as current practice. There are folks from the Miramar Club that want to race us and was agreed that as long as they have AMA, they were welcome but any prizes purchased at Club expense would only be available to club members. There was no mention of anything at stake for August’s race, hopefully it will low key so as to not create the appearance of a crowd.
  7. Port a Potty Rental. Quan reported we are due a credit from United Rentals of $286 for extra cleanings not actually performed (as we weren’t there to benefit from them). Eric mentioned to watch for black widow spiders when putting to lid down and was still feeling the pain from an encounter!
  8. Our Certificate of Deposit expired and is now at an interest rate of 0.25%. Other possibilities are being explored.
  9. Club Officer Succession. Brad reminded us that his term as COB is nominally over at the end of this year. Per our bylaws, the outgoing President nominally succeeds him, but after the abdication of Mr. Blackhurst, it is clear we will need some new blood. Brad asked all BOD members if they would consider another office or another term. It was also discussed that there may be a need for an alternate election methodology in the face of the Covid/Social distancing.
  10. Tony Blackhurst will be removed from the Club Bank account authorization due to his non-participation in Club activities. The new President will be a Substitute nominee.
  11. Meeting was adjourned at 7:52 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted be Steve P. Manganelli, Vice President

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Minutes, SEFSD BOD Meeting, September 9th, 2020

Meeting called to order by COB Brad Bender @ 6:55 P.M., home of Steve Neu

Present : Brad Bender, Steve Manganelli, Steve Neu, Quan Nguyen

Via Zoom : Jeff Struthers, Carl Cox, Eric Shapiro

Not Present : Tony Blackhurst

  1. Field Improvement : we spent $639 for the “Dust Down” and $680 for the 2000 gallon water truck to solidify the field as authorized at the last BOD meeting. Apparently( 1) of the 5 gallon pails was shipped damaged and we received (5) no-charge replacements, so the next time it will be cheaper (won’t be done again until after the rains come). Thanks to Jim Bonnardel for driving/filling/messing with the water truck!
  2. Membership stands at 291 and our net worth is ~ $33,000. No club events and no prizes continue to save us money! We submitted a new Money Market account to raise funds from our savings.
  3. Altitude Limit/FAA. Our letter of agreement with Lindberg’s tower was received, signed by both parties, thus approved! Yeah, we get our “Blue Dot” on AMA’s master flying site map! The only new item for us is too add POC info for the tower in an unlikely event that a model departs the field heading for Lindberg in a stable manner. Look for an addendum to the large rules sign stating what to do in that unlikely event. Action to write the statement : Me!
  4. Club Officer Succession. Brad took a poll of current officers willing to serve another term : those in the affirmative include :Myself, Quan, Steve Neu and Brad.. (3) more names are needed. All were encouraged to recruit!
  5. Holiday Party. Discussion will be deferred until October’s meeting.
  6. We still have a couple of tables at the field to replace, goal is to have them done by the end of year.
  7. There will be no Electroglide this month. Principles still dissuaded by Covid implications.
  8. Next BOD meeting scheduled for October 14, 2020 although it appears to be the 7th
  9. Meeting was adjourned at 8:07 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted be Steve P. Manganelli, Vice President.