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Membership Report for Jan 2017

By Isabel Guidice


The all online sign up for new and renewing SEFSD members is going well. However, I must remind folks to please not sign up until you have a current AMA membership number as I cannot do anything until that number is on the SEFSD membership application form. Also, remember that if your current AMA membership expires January 31, 2017, please renew now so there is no lapse in your AMA membership which provides SEFSD with the liability insurance that covers you while flying. If your AMA lapses February 28, 2017, you need to renew as soon as possible.


To date we have 252 members signed up and another eight who either have not renewed their AMA or have not paid their SEFSD dues. Also, if you check that you are mailing a check, please do this as soon as possible. I wish I could send each of you an e-mail to be sure you know your badge has been mailed but within two weeks of renewing, please contact me if you have not received your badge.


As always, let me know if you have any questions, complaints or concerns.




SEFSD Membership

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