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Minutes from May 28th Meeting

Sharing and discussion about Signage

  • Ray Fulks secured signs from Moller Sign company and worked with Parks and Rec to put up new informational signs and rock barrier on the street .  Great Job Ray!!!
  • New signs for fence line to replace temporary signs now there at six flight stations to be coming soon…Moller Sign company contracted.
  • Our site is more secure now and for the future due to enhancements

Gate closure issue revisited and we remind all to close the gate if you are the last one out when finished flying for the day.

New pin board ….Chuck Grim is working on it….our present board works fine

Board member Mike Eberle has taken control of Hour glass Indoor flying site and will be having two nights per month….see schedule on web site.

New events coming up soon:

  • June 25th…..Scale event with Frank Gagliardi as CD, Ray Fulks/SEFSD providing the  DOGS…YEAH. General meeting to share at 10:00 am  ALSO—DO NOT FORGET — SEFSD BARTER Day..   Bring stuff you don’t want anymore and trade barter sell it so that you can buy, barter , trade for new stuff you may or may not really need.   NO COST
    COME EARLY….7 AM. Until…….????
  • July Event…Jim Bonnardel  explained Fun Fly he is planning..Thanks Jim…..the Bombadier Day for the July 30th,  General Meeting etc. with Sub Sandwiches by SEFSD
  • August Event…Steve Dente and others for EDF Day at the Bay or better known as   “JETS DAY BY THE BAY’ 
    The meeting was adjourned ….All Present… watched the Pylon Racing Association of the SEFSD  presenting a demonstration flight/race under the supervision and control of Steve Belknap. 

Festivities concluded we enjoyed Hebrew National Luncheon with potato salad,  Red Velvet cake etc and so on.  60 DOGS SERVED.

Tim Attaway reporting, over and out.


Some pics from the meeting and entertainment:


Tim's Agenda


New Sign


Mike Eberly


Whole Group


Wake Me When the Meeting is Over


Electrogliders Ready


Electrogliders Launch


Planting the Landing


Mr. Electroglide


B-17 #1


B-17 #2


Mini-UltraStick Pylon Racers


Ready for Takeoff



Rounding the Pylon


Tim Doing the Dogs - Yum!!


Food Lineup