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MUStick Race Report 4-30-11

One BIG change will be the new Pilot/Caller score sheet.  Please make some copies of it, study it and be ready to use it at the next race on June 25th , hosted by the First Weedwacker Squadron.  IMPORTANT: Please follow the Weedwacker Li-Po Charging Policy.  Directions to the field will be coming soon.  I plan to “massage” the flight course at the SEFSD field a little more to keep us a safe distance from the active runway and pit area.  I know that in the heat of the moment we can easily find ourselves in an unsafe area and only realize it when it’s too late, especially when it’s your first time at a new field and RACING!  SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT!

May 28th is a ‘demo’ race at the SEFSD field for Sticks and T-28’s.  Steve Belknap will be the race director for that event.  Until then…….Practice, Practice, Practice and………………………..

Go Fast/Turn Left


MUStick Group 4/30/11