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New Pics & a Letter from Frank

Pics taken by Frank and Alex Sutton

MLK Day General Flying by Frank


Electroglide by Alex


Hello SEFSD Pilots,
     Hope this finds all of you and your families doing well.  I’m doing much better but still have a way to go before I’ll be walking without the assistance of a walker, but at least I’m now out of the “Danger Zone”!
      For those that knew what was going on, thank you for your support and kind words while I was in either Navy Medical Center San Diego or Sharp Grossmont Hospital.  I asked Steven to allow me to put this letter in the Peak Charge to explain why I have been missing in action lately if you didn’t know already. 
     The good news is that I am very happy to be home again and getting stronger every day!  I was in hospitals most of the time mid-JAN through mid-FEB and had a very rough time.  First, I could have died from a kidney and bloodstream bacterial infection. NMCSD took care of this through three procedures and with lots and lots of I.V. bags of antibiotics.  Then after I went home from that, I almost died from uncontrolled internal bleeding in my stomach! 
     Believe it or not, I entirely lost my appetite in the NMCSD hospital and still wasn’t eating or drinking much at all when I returned home.  I took Motrin for pain and on an empty stomach, the doctor later told me that was suicidal.  The Motrin caused bleeding in my stomach!  I was getting so dizzy I had tunnel vision, the room was spinning and changing colors, and I couldn’t get even sit up in my recliner without nearly passing out!  Joan called 911 and saved my life!  The paramedics picked me up in our home and I passed out as they put me on the gurney and rolled me out of our home to the waiting ambulance. I eventually got 3 bags of A+ blood to help bring me back to life!  The doctor did an Endoscopy to locate and stop the bleeding.  I’ve been on stomach medication ever since and will be for another two months!  The doctor also told me that had Joan not called 911 when she did, I likely would not have survived the huge internal blood loss.  That was too close for comfort!  No matter how much pain I’m in, I’ll never take Motrin on an empty stomach again!
     A Physical Therapy Team will soon be visiting me here at home to help me get stronger, faster.  Despite doing some exercises in the hospital bed when I was alert and able to do so, I’m still unable to walk safely without the use of a walker for now.
     I’m really proud of Alex and the photos he shot with my Canon camera and new zoom lens at the JAN Electroglide.  I know Alex really wanted to fly in the Electroglide and I asked him to get a few photos when he was not flying if he could.  He chose not to fly entirely and instead he shot, in my opinion, many outstanding photos of everyone and their planes!  He shot some photos with his iPhone too, but they’re not nearly the quality of photos from the Canon camera so I did not include those photos for Steven to add to the SEFSD Gallery.  Alex did exceptionally well too because he had never before used my Canon with the new zoom lens!  WOW!  He’s making it look too easy to shoot these types of photos!  Ha!  I did crop and edit his photos on my computer but wasn’t able to do so until very recently.
     I’m hoping and expecting to be able to return to SEFSD Field and resume my duties taking photos again on 09MAR for the T-28 and Popwing Racing!  Breaking news too, Alex is flying down on Southwest Airlines and will be home that same weekend, so it should be a whole lot of fun!  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again and can hardly wait!
     Fly Smart, Fly Safe!  NO MORE MAYDAYS!
Frank “Hobie Cat” Sutton
      I also have lost just over 20 pounds and am going to continue losing weight!  I am now a Vegetarian like Joan and Codey; only Alex is the meat eater in our family now!  I’m no longer drinking diet Cokes/Pepsi’s either.  Definitely don’t want to go through this ordeal ever again!