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New Pics for September 2023

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Our own Frank Sutton in 2011 at the NAS North Island Centennial of Naval Aviation.  His pics from that day have been added to the album from last month at the bottom.

Reno Air Show from 2000


F5-B Practice.  Frank Sutton after his first time watching F5-B

“WOW! This was my first time ever to watch an SEFSD F-5B “Hotliner” Practice, and let me tell you, I plan to attend the very next one in 2024 and attempt to get photos and video! Those planes are SUPER FAST and SUPER FUN to watch! You have to see it to believe it, these SEFSD Pilots have true skills like none I’ve witnessed before! Well done, F-5B Pilots, very well done and good luck with your competition! 😎👍
Frank Sutton”


T28 racing


Triple Threat Event