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OCMA Scale Squadron “Warbirds and Classics”

By Mark Davis
    On the weekend of  June 4th I went up to the Orange County OCMA annual “Warbirds and Classics” event.  From SEFSD field, it’s one of the closest events of this type.  I’m not sure how many pilots were there, but I would guess about 60-some.   They have a nice 60ft x 600ft paved runway, with a large unobstructed flying area.   The event is for scale airplanes, and there were a lot of very large ones there.

    I took my OV-10, and found there was another guy with the same ARF.  The ARF comes as an OV-10D, but he had 1000 hours in the OV-10A in Viet Nam, and so he had kitbashed his into an A version, and made it an exact replica of his plane.   He had a lot of interesting tips and information about the full-scale plane.

   Tony Quist and several other Horizon Hobbies staff pilots were there, flying several of the other Hangar 9 models also.

   I only met a small fraction of the attendees, and missed the evening dinner.  But it was a fun time.  I would highly recommend it.   They do it at the beginning of June every year.   Below are some random photos from the event.