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Photo Albums for January 2020

Please thank Frank and Alex Sutton for their outstanding contribution to our photo library.  Pretty much everything that happens at our field and other events is captured in the lens of their cameras.  Make sure to show them your appreciation. 


Below are just a few of their latest albums:

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Twas the Weekend Before Christmas


Twas the Weekend After Christmas


Freeze Fly 2020


General Flying and New Jets –

“Don’t know if you heard or not, but Alex flew his Motion RC Airliner and no problems on the  Maiden Flight, but it was a near-disaster Miracle 2nd Flight. Alex lost connectivity and the big bird pitched over and did a nose dive at full speed and seemed to start leveling off just above ground towards Sea World. We lost sight of it for a brief moment and we all thought it was a hold in the ground full of foam, but miraculously, that Boeing 737 flew up and away and Alex did an emergency landing!
  We believe the problem is with the new receiver, and we went up to the hobby shop in Corona yesterday and got the same type of receiver that is in the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 737. Hopefully, we won’t have another near-disaster like that again. Alex has already tested the new receiver, and we look forward to flying his Motion RC AL37 again this weekend! I intend to write an article about this too, with details on the receiver types we’ve used and have now to help anyone else avoid this disastrous situation. I’m also going to be informing our new good friend and Motion RC Technician, Andrew, on what’s happened. I have a few photos too of Andrew and Alex troubleshooting his Motion RC AL37 and will be sending those photos with my article within the week.  Included are photos of the Maiden Flight, and GoPro Video of the Miracle Flight.” – Frank