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Pics From the 2022 Freeze Fly

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    Because of the wind, sometimes a bit gusty, coming from the south directly across the runway, there were multiple exciting take-offs and landings for several Pilots including Alex (he had near take-off crashes on his first AL737 flight and his new V1200 maiden flight!).
     A couple of additional notes……
     The San Diego FORD Model A Club went out for breakfast and a ride around the area when they spotted our planes flying, so they came over to watch!   I talked with a couple of the Model A owners and asked if I could take some photos of their beautiful cars and we’d put them on the SEFSD Website.  They thought that was great!  I told them I’d blur out the license plates, however, the owner of “LIZZEE” asked me not to blur that license plate because that was the car’s nickname, her grandmother called the car Lizzee and it stuck!  The Model A Club members thought the SEFSD Pilots’ planes were wild, and of course, we thought their cars were wild!  They were a very pleasant group and fun to talk with, and a couple of them had a lot of questions about the planes too!  Perhaps one or two may be interested in flying with us some day, the lady that owned “Lizzee” took a photo of our sign with the Website on it, and I told her to check out the photo gallery there in about 3 weeks or so to see the photos of their cars along with our planes (she is the lady in the red jacket talking with Brad in one of the photos).
     The new airplane that Alex gave to Carl is the one that he won at the Weed Wackers’ Veterans Day Fly In back in NOV2021.  It is a semi-pre-built balsa kit that required either a gas or electric engine and all the electronics/servos/etc required to make it fly.  Alex and I looked at it, but this job was something we’ve never attempted and looked to be a bit much for us, so we decided to give it to Carl.  I told Carl about it when I visited him in the rehab facility, and he sincerely appreciated it.  When Carl saw the plane he was very happy as was Alex and I too, but like us, Carl advised it was a bit too much of a job for him to put together and asked us if he could sell it.  Alex and I responded of course he could sell it because it was his now, but on one condition!  That condition was we get a photo of the three of us with the plane first (and we did!)!  He put the plane up for sale and Fritz bought it without hesitation.  Carl was so happy, he said he could use the $ more than the plane right now, and Fritz was happy because he got a really nice plane at a good price!  Alex and I were happy for Carl, and for Fritz, so this was a really big win-win-win-win for the four of us!