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Report and Pics from the Last Ever AMA Expo

  Alex and I attended, Joan and Codey stayed at our nearby Holiday Inn Express and we just got back earlier this afternoon. This was our first year going, but Alex and I enjoyed it so much, we plan to do this again next year! Of course, Joan and Codey enjoyed getting away and enjoying the swimming pool and hot tub at the hotel too so we’ll do another weekend getaway next year. Alex got a nice new FA 18 Hornet for a $50 discount and really fast Blade (drone) for a whopping $200 off the normal $350 price! WOW! These were early Christmas gifts, but Alex helped pay for some of it with his birthday money he’d saved.
  We watched the 1100 show on the main stage with “The Paper Airplane Guy”, it was really a great show and he has the Guinness World Record for longest paper airplane flight (indoors) – it was just short of a full football field length! Alex and I sat right in front, center stage and he had more than a dozen pre-made paper airplanes that he talked about and flew right over our heads out into the audience. He had a slide show going on the side too showing the paper airplanes in detail, and everyone in the audience got to make a paper airplane too (like I have never before made) and we all flew our planes at the conclusion of the show!
  After the show, Alex and I met with “The Airplane Guy” and Alex bought his book ($20) which he autographed to Alex and I got a photo of the two of them. Of course, I got a few photos of him as well while he was presenting his show and flying airplanes over our heads – I’ll forward a few of these photos to you too.
  The R/C Exposition certainly had plenty to offer for eating and drinking! We ate a late lunch and had some leftovers that we had to carry with us back to the hotel and put in the refrigerator for later! It was a little expensive but it was very good and huge portions too! We easily could have gotten by with just one order of French fries instead of two!
  We stopped at the Kearny Mesa Hobby Shop on the way home this afternoon and Alex cashed in $160 worth of Gift Certificates from SEFSD and bought a new Turbo Timber plane too. Of course, I had to help him with the additional overage cost! Joan and I have figured out Alex years ago now, when it comes to him buying a new plane he operates like ENRON did! If you don’t know about ENRON, do a Google search on it! Ha! Alex says it’s not really COSTING me the extra difference when he doesn’t have all the money to buy a new plane or new battery or parts, it’s SAVING me the money that I’m having to pay! Now that’s what ENRON would have said too! Haha!
  Have a great week ahead, and perhaps we’ll see you out there Saturday morning – Alex is looking forward to flying his new planes soon if the weather cooperates!
Frank Sutton
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